Allyn-2Hello, my name is Allyn Cooper. I am happily married and a father of two beautiful children residing in sunny Perth, Western Australia. I am also a passionate photographer. Welcome to my site dedicated purely to this picture passion.

What I can tell you is that I really love what I do and I spend a lot of time refining, perfecting and even obsessing over my photography work……………..it is definitely a passion. I never imagined myself as a photographer but I guess it has been happening ever so gradually, ever since I first started taking pictures of seagulls as a 6 year old boy on the foreshore at Geraldton. I am completely self-taught in all things photographic and strive to learn more each and every time I pick up my camera. I love taking photos of anything that gets my attention and am now wishing to develop that love and passion for photography further. I enjoy every single minute of my photographic pursuits and enjoy meeting and working with all kinds of people along the way.

Like many freelance people working today, I need to be multi-skilled and I spend a lot of time shooting a vast variety of subjects in the quest for a portfolio with a diverse range of material and content, as well as having a skill set that has developed over time that serves me well.

I have spent some time reflecting on what is my “style” of photography and have come to the conclusion that it is still under development. People have mentioned that they like my style but I think that style comes with time and is a difficult thing to force.

You will find landscapes and automotive are a feature here but I really am interested in creating a substantial portfolio with a diverse range of material and content. I am interested in all forms of photography from sports, automotive, landscapes, families, pets and children to elegant dress and casual shoots. Currently I wish to enhance my skills in all these areas as part of my growth and development as a photographer.

I will be quite flexible on locations and images should we get to work together and I am quite prepared to travel to any reasonable locations in Perth and its surrounds. If there is a particular background you would like in your images then just let me know and I will try & find somewhere suitable

If you think I can be of service to you then feel free to call me on 0438 070262 to discuss your needs.