One on One Tuition

Just bought a new camera? Maybe received one as a gift

Why not contact us for some One on One tuition and learn how to use your camera to its full potential,

If you’ve just bought a digital SLR or point and shoot (compact) camera, and are wondering how you can best use it to take great images — then a One on One is for you! Our beginner’s One on One will show you how to gain greater creative control of your camera and your photography, so that you can stop shooting in the “Auto” modes and leaving the quality of your images to chance.

Each session will be tailored to your specific needs and will suit absolute beginners, so there will be no professional photographers jargon or overly technical terms. Instead, the One on One will gradually step you through greater familiarity with your camera and its controls. You will start at the very beginning – by looking at:

  • Necessary tips for camera operation
  • Lenses and focal length (what the numbers on the zoom ring of your lens mean)
  • Choosing what you want in focus: how to use selective focus
  • Using autofocus tracking to shoot sharp images of moving subjects
  • Using continuous shooting or drive mode to take rapid-fire action shots


Then, when you are ready for it, we look at more advanced camera operations, to give you creative control over your photography:

  • How to achieve shallow and deep depths of field using aperture control
  • Shooting movement: freezing and blurring motion using shutter speed
  • Working in low light: how controlling ISO can help
  • How exposure works: the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO
  • Checking your exposure: how to read the histogram to make sure you have nailed the right exposure
  • How to adjust your exposures to make sure it’s correct.
  • Shooting in Manual Exposure mode and taking control of creative exposure

What you will need to bring

  • Your camera
  • Your lens/es
  • The manual for your camera
  • A pen to make notes during the One on One
  • You don’t need to bring a tripod to this One on One unless you specifically want to cover landscapes.


These One on One sessions are suitable for digital cameras with manual controls (P, A/Av, S/Tv and M modes) including DSLRs, Micro Four Third cameras, mirrorless cameras and advanced compact cameras. One on One notes are provided.

Allyn is fully qualified in Training and Assessment and can tailor a session to suit your needs. If you think we can be of assistance and would like to discuss your options then call Allyn now on 0438 070262.

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